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Internacional Symposium: Study of Wealth and Elites in Latin America

As is well known, Latin America is characterized by historically persistent social inequality, which is very high compared to other regions of the world. While scientific efforts in recent years have increasingly focused on the consequences of this scenario for marginalized and poor populations, the constitution and concentration of wealth in the hands of a small economic elite remain largely unexplored. The CALAS research group "Study of Wealth and Elites" comprehensively examines the composition of wealth and the role of elites in Latin America.


International Conference "Confronting inequalities in Latin America: perspectives on wealth and power"

Latin America is characterized by high social inequality. This inequality is not only expressed in a pronounced asymmetry in the distribution, access, and consumption of material resources, but it is profoundly more complex due to its multi-dimensionality and its inter-sectionality. These social inequalities regularly create conflicts that often lead to deep political, social, and ecological crises.


Research fellowships "Wealth, power, and nature"

Natural resources have played a vital role in the history of Latin America and have molded the configuration and scale of social inequalities in the region. Since Colonization, the exploitation and exports of raw materials like silver, copper, soy and crude oil have shaped societies, political systems as well as the national economies of the continent. In this regard, the wealth of natural resources in Latin America, its significance for the world market and, most importantly, recurring resource revenues have stirred up hopes and expectations regarding economic development.


Call for Papers: “Exploring wealth and Elites in Latin America”

Latin America is a showcase for a severe asymmetry in the distribution of income and wealth. Compared to other regions of the world, the concentration of land, income and property in Latin America is stagnating on a relatively high level. This constellation reflects a historically persistent, multidimensional and intersectional inequality.


Las crisis en el desarrollo económico de Cuba

Desde la disolución del bloque socialista europeo, la economía cubana ha atravesado una profunda crisis que continúa agravándose por el brutal bloqueo comercial y económico por parte de Estados Unidos. Desde hace más de 30 años, el gobierno de la isla ha estado buscando adaptar su modelo económico a fin de combinar la estabilidad y el crecimiento con la salud, la educación universal y la justicia social.