Open calls

1. CALAS/Cuba Guest Chair: Socio-Ecological Transformation - productive matrices, renewable energies, and power

CALAS and the University of Havana open the call to occupy the CALAS/Cuba Guest Chair, located at the Faculty of Philosophy, History and Sociology of the University of Havana, Cuba. The Chair is funded by CALAS and covers a stay of 4 to 6 months in Cuba. The Chair pursues the objective of advance the identification of possible paths through which Latin America can move to consolidate a socio-ecological transformation; and at the same time contribute to offer possible explanations and solutions to the global crises that threaten the continuity of life on the planet.

The Call is open until December, 15, 2022. Conditions can be consulted here.

2. International Short film competition

The aim of this film contest is to collect experiences and proposals from different regions of the world and make them visible so that other people might encounter inspiration in their example. The present call invites the submission of short films expressing good social-environmental and good (co)living practices. We are interested in the great diversity of projects and themes related to this topic, like climate justice (socially just and climate-friendly alternatives in transportation and housing), alternatives to extractavism related to the production and supply chain of electronic devices (for example, cell phones) or textiles, and food sovereignty, among others.

The call is upon until January 15, 2023. Conditions can be consulted here.

4. Uncertain futures: Latin America facing its past and present

América Latina ha sido pensada, teorizada y analizada desde siglos antes de que se le pusiera ese nombre y parece casi una condición sine qua non discutir su pasado frente a su futuro: desde las sociedades antiguas del territorio, pasando por las crónicas de la conquista, las reacciones a esas crónicas, la colonia y llegando a las independencias, los liberales, los intelectuales arielistas, Mariátegui, Haya de la Torre, hasta llegar a los movimientos feministas indigenistas o afrodescendientes. Este academia para jóvenes académicas y académicos invita a discutir propuestas alternativas, históricas y actuales, que se ocupen de las relaciones entre el pasado, el presente y el futuro en América Latina. Su propósito es analizar y debatir los horizontes del porvenir en el subcontinente, sus potencialidades y sus descréditos, para colocarlos en la agenda de análisis que nos permitiría comprender qué es hoy este continente e imaginar sus posibles futuros.

The call (Spanish only is open until November 13, 2022. Conditions can be conculted here.