Open calls

1. Research fellowships "Studying Wealth and the Elites"

Compared to other world regions, Latin America is characterized by high levels of social inequality. While academic efforts in recent years have increasingly focused on the consequences of this constellation for the marginalized and the poor, the constitution and concentration of wealth in the hands of small economic elites remain largely unexplored. To cope with this lacuna, CALAS aims to comprehensively examine wealth and economic elites in Latin America. Therefore, we invite researchers to contribute to this project with new ideas, fresh perspectives as well as extraordinary, experimental and innovative approaches.

A maximum of 8 fellowships may be granted. The call closed February 26, 2021. The conditions can be consulted here.

2. Senior research fellowships

CALAS grants six Individual fellowships to distinguished experts in Latin American Studies for research stays at the Guadalajara headquarters as well as at each of its three regional center  in San José-Costa Rica, Quito-Ecuador, and Buenos Aires-Argentina. Applicants are expected to contribute to the development of new methodological and analytic approaches to understand changes and crises from a Latin-American perspective. This may include a revision of Latin-American approaches, theories, and methodologies that deal with crises.

The call is open until April 25, 2021. The conditions can be consulted here.

3. Transatlantic tandem

The Transatlantic Tandem is a research format to promote dialogue and exchange between early-career researchers from Latin America and Germany. Two researchers – one from Latin America and one from Germany cooperate together in a joint application.

the calls for two tándem fellowships (one locted in Guadalajara, the other one in Costa Rica) are open until April 25, 2021. The conditions can be consulted here.

4. Funding to organize a Plataform for Dialogue

The Platform for Dialogue is a collaborative format to promote interdisciplinary, interregional, and intergenerational dialogue in relation to a delimited topic. It is an academic event for a group of 15 to 30 participants, and will last from two to five days. Each year CALAS open a call for appliation to organize two of these platforms in Guadalajara.

The call to submit proposals for 2022 is open until April 25, 2021. Conditions can be consulted here.

5. Platform for Dialogue: "Chile half a century after Allende: the struggle for democracy and the Constituent Assembly", San Jose, Costa Rica, September 2-3, 2021

September 4, 2020 marked the 50th anniversary of the electoral triumph of the Unidad Popular (UP) in Chile. It was an event of extraordinary repercussion in Latin America and globally. With the inauguration of Salvador Allende, a process of ambitious and original political reform began in Chile within the framework of other projects that had similar objectives to those of the UP. Looking back to that bifurcation of history that meant the "Chilean case" is a particularly relevant exercise for the analysis of Latin America. This platform seeks to systematize these efforts and analyze them within the framework of the new regional reality.

The call is aimed at applicants from the Social Sciences and Humanities who can contribute to the topics exposed both in empirical and theoretical and methodological terms. It is open until April 30, 2021. The conditions can be consulted here.

6. Platform for Dialogue "Crises of democracy in Latin America: exploring challenges and alternatives", Guadalajara, Mexico, November 25 to 27, 2021

Democracy as a political regime is experiencing a global crisis. The generalized diagnosis points towards an institutional failure in the organization of life in common in our contemporary societies, linked with growing demands of economic welfare, recognition and inclusion, justice and security. In this context, and despite its national particularities, countries in the Latin American region share a common denominator: the questioning of liberal-democratic regimes and the moral bankruptcy of the prevailing economic system in each case. This platform is an invitation to deepen our understanding regarding the nature and meaning of democratic deficits in the region, to revisit the analytic categories with which we operate, and to collectively think about the existing and desirable alternatives to the current state of democracies.

The call has open until May 9, 2021. The conditions can be consulted here.

7. Short film contest for youngsters: I want peace

In Latin America and the Caribbean, violence manifests itself in many different forms that affect particularly young people. They are vulnerable to crime and social, economic and cultural marginalization. The experiences of young people are key to thinking ways of living without violence. Therefore, CALAS´ laboratory of knowledge “Visions of peace” calls youngsters between 15 and 29 years of age, to speak out on this crisis by participating in the short film contest “I want peace”. They are invited to express their views on the consequences of violence and, specifically, their ways of understanding possible forms of peaceful coexistence.

The contest closed February 28, 2021. Detailed information on the categories and formats of participation, important fixtures, the awards, as well as the digital material for the diffusion of the contest, can be found here.