Open calls

1. Research fellowships "Studying Wealth and the Elites"

Compared to other world regions, Latin America is characterized by high levels of social inequality. While academic efforts in recent years have increasingly focused on the consequences of this constellation for the marginalized and the poor, the constitution and concentration of wealth in the hands of small economic elites remain largely unexplored. To cope with this lacuna, CALAS aims to comprehensively examine wealth and economic elites in Latin America. Therefore, we invite researchers to contribute to this project with new ideas, fresh perspectives as well as extraordinary, experimental and innovative approaches.

A maximum of 8 fellowships may be granted. The call is open until February 14, 2021. The conditions can be consulted here.

2. Cátedra CALAS-IEAT en Brasil

The annual call for the CALAS-IEAT Guest Chair Program, offered by CALAS in conjunction with the Institute for Advanced Transdisciplinary Studies (IEAT) of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), is open. The position comprises a three-month research stay at the IEAT starting in September 2021. According to the research program of CALAS. The call convenes specialists on Latin America interested in addressing experiences of crisis in the region, exploring different problems of the pasta and present and the prospects for solving such conflicts, promoting transdisciplinary research on crisis, processes of social change, and the role of different actors involved. For the 2021 call, the research project to be carried out has to be related to the issue of social inequalities.

The call is open until January 31, 2021. The conditions can be consulted aquí.

3. Platform for Dialogue: “Learning from and during the pandemic: Bridging the educational divides in Latin America”", Guadalajara, México, August 26 to 28, 2021

The aim of this platform for dialogue is to promote the exchange of analyses being carried out on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis on education systems worldwide, with special emphasis on the situation in Latin America and the Caribbean. This should lead to discuss creative proposals, emanating from initiatives that emerged during the health contingency, which try to defy the structural educational deficiencies, mitigate disparities, and improve the overall level of education in the region, while also, from within schools, strengthen democratic, social, solidary conviviality.

The call is aimed at applicants from the Social Sciences and Humanities who can contribute to the topics exposed both in empirical and theoretical and methodological terms. It is open until February 21, 2021. The conditions can be consulted here.

4. Platform for Dialogue “(De) Regulation of Wealth in Latin America: A New Approach in Times of Pandemic”", Quito, Ecuador, May 05 to 07, 2021

Understanding inequalities is inseparable from knowledge about how and why wealth is generated and concentrated. Inequalities are understandable as a result of concatenated processes of dispossession and oligarchic accumulation of wealth over time. The history, present and probable future of tax systems and, from a broader perspective, of regulatory policies on wealth, can no longer be understood from technical categories. This Platform for Dialogue proposes an interdisciplinary approach that encompasses issues of historical institutions and paths, power constellations, tax cultures, social resistances to wealth, and discourses on tax and fiscal justice.

The call has already closed. The conditions can be consulted here.

5. Short film contest for youngsters: I want peace

In Latin America and the Caribbean, violence manifests itself in many different forms that affect particularly young people. They are vulnerable to crime and social, economic and cultural marginalization. The experiences of young people are key to thinking ways of living without violence. Therefore, CALAS´ laboratory of knowledge “Visions of peace” calls youngsters between 15 and 29 years of age, to speak out on this crisis by participating in the short film contest “I want peace”. They are invited to express their views on the consequences of violence and, specifically, their ways of understanding possible forms of peaceful coexistence.

The contest is open until February 28, 2021. Detailed information on the categories and formats of participation, important fixtures, the awards, as well as the digital material for the diffusion of the contest, can be found here.