Open calls

1. Contest for the making of a medium-length documentary on the Anthropocene in Latin America

CALAS invites filmmakers and audiovisual producers to compete for funding of USD 20,000.00 for the production of a documentary film thematically focused on the perception of environmental risks in Latin America, within the framework of the Anthropocene. This refers to human influences that alter ecological cycles and exceed planetary limits. The documentary will make visible the consequences of human systems and behaviors, while trying to show alternatives in Latin America, where the relations between human beings and their environment are more balanced.

The call (Spanish only) is open until February 27, 2022. The conditions can be consulted here.

2. Platform for Dialogue: Authoritarianism in Democracy. Transregional and historical perspectives on disputed spaces; Guadalajara, Mexico, March 8-10, 2022

In Latin America in recent years, electoral processes have given rise to the political legitimization of actors and forces that promote anti-democratic discourses and values. This problem finds its empirical expression in the restructuring of electoral systems to ensure long-term elitist interests, the issuance of presidential decrees and laws limiting freedom of the press, or freedom of assembly and/or coalition. The central objective of this Platform for Dialogue is to develop a space for dialogue, reflection and analysis from different approaches, methodologies and disciplines on the convergence between democracy and authoritarian elements in terms of their trans-regional connections and their scalar scope. We invite contributions that focus on the study of spaces of interdependence and deliberately seek or address the multidisciplinary dialogue between political science, geography, (urban) sociology and empirically based global history.

The call is open until November 14, 2021. The conditions can be consulted here.

3. International Congress for Young Scholars: Latin America under discussion. Theoretical-methodological workshop on comparative perspectives in Social Sciences and Humanities; Guadalajara, Mexico, June, 14-16, 2022

The main objective of the event is to establish bridges of reflection between the multiple perspectives with which young researchers pose their research questions and objects of study at the crossroads of a broader reflection on Latin America. Questions such as where latinidad resides, what is Latin American or who are the Latin Americans refer to different debates and frameworks that ultimately point to how to understand the Latin American identity and what is the political and social content of this category today. It is a reflection that debates the spatial, territorial, national and local dimensions, the social relations and their gender, class and race dimensions, and the cultural, political and affective dimensions. To this end, CALAS invites students and young researchers who are pursuing graduate studies (Masters, PhD, Postdoctoral) and / or postdoctoral studies in Social Sciences and Humanities, to participate in the Congress.

The call (Spanish only) is open until December 15, 2021. The conditions can be consulted here.