Open calls

1. International Congress: Strategic identities in dispute. Processes and tensions (Guadalajara, November 25-27, 2024)

Since its inception in mid 2023, the Knowledge Laboratory "Strategic Identities and Crisis" has been addressing, through different discussions, conferences and contributions, various central aspects of the dynamic, changing and challenging links between identities and crisis. On the one hand, theoretical efforts have been made to establish a dialogue between the multiple meanings of community and the communitarian. The notions of Latin American identity have been problematized in terms of its autonomy and/or dependence on colonial or foreign identities imposed by modernity. And the epistemic crisis has been discussed in terms of the (de)coloniality of knowledge, power, of being and doing from Abya Yala. On the other hand, based on the recognition of the instabilities of identities, their dynamics, contradictions and permanent reconfigurations, the multiple crises (political, social, economic, environmental, etc.) that question, create and make new/old/other identities emerge and that, in turn, it is these identities that reconfigure new crises and from there drive equally complex and dynamic social processes. This congress invites the presentation of research projects that are framed within the four axes that guide the Laboratory's work

The call is open until August 05, 2024. The conditions can be consulted here.

2. Platform for Dialogue: Identities, Knowledge and Cultural and Aesthetic Epistemologies in the Anthropocene: Geopolitics of Water in Our Afro-Abya Yala America. (Guadalajara, December 11-13, 2024)

We propose for this Platform a dialogue of transdisciplinary views on the relationship between nature and state and non-state power, addressing plural, decentralized, critical, territorial and intertwined identities. This is a way of approaching the uncertainties of the present, as horizons of expectations, while disputes for the future are produced and questions about the past are recognized. Through a recovery of horizontal and collaborative experiential and cognitive tools; of the record on diverse senses of nature and communicated territories, as well as ancestral and current artistic manifestations. Including the transdisciplinary approach of intersectional critical (geo)political ecologies that recognize historical, ethnic, racial, gender and class issues, we invite the submission of works that collaborate to rethink our identities from a pluriversal perspective in a context of multiple crises of the Anthropocene. 

The call is open until August 05, 2024. The conditions can be consulted here.