Theorizing Crisis

The discussion and combination of interdisciplinary approaches to assess social change, crisis, and coping strategies will constitute the foundation for the overall research program “Coping with Crisis.” During the preliminary phase, work at CALAS concentrates on raising new questions, finding potential gaps in current research, and outlining innovative methodological and theoretical approaches. In order to ensure broad and well-founded interdisciplinary input for this theoretical and conceptual discussion, CALAS invites renowned senior fellows who will contribute to the development of new methodological and analytical approaches to change and crisis. Thus, the function of this transversal axis – “Theorizing Crisis” – is to reflect upon, deconstruct, and decenter the previous (western/Eurocentric) state of knowledge on development concepts, dynamics and solutions, and contextually adapt them to the region.

Going forward, this theoretical model will provide the respective thematic research groups with a methodological and theoretical framework that facilitates transdisciplinary research, ensures quality control, supports the theoretical and conceptual development and knowledge transfer among research groups with thematic similarities.