Laboratories of Knowledge

The Laboratory of Knowledge is the broadest and most comprehensive format of CALAS. It consists of a 1.5-year phase at the headquarters of CALAS in Guadalajara (Mexico), along with a series of activities in the regional centers in Latin America and academic spaces in Germany. Each of the four research lines will guide one Laboratory of Knowledge. The core group of the Laboratory of Knowledge consists of the coordinators and a group of at least 10 invited fellows who will carry out research based on dialogue and exchange.

The first Laboratory of Knowledge is organized by the Research Group "Dealing with Violence – Resolving Conflicts” (May 2019 – October 2020) and is called “Visions of Peace: Transitions between Violence and Peace in Latin America”. All fellowship calls are already closed.

The second Laboratory of Knowledge is organized by the Research Group "Confronting Inequalities in Latin America" (September 2020 to February 2022) and is called "perspectives on wealth and power". To participate in this laboratory, the following calls have been opened:


A) Research fellowship "The Impact of Covid-19 on social inequalities in Latin America"

Within the framework of the knowledge laboratory "Confronting social inequalities" CALAS announces a senior research grant to carry out a study on the impacts of Covid-19 in Latin America. We are particularly interested in studies that inquire the social, political and economic repercussions of the health contingency and the proposals for action that may be derived from these experiences.

The call for applications is closed. Condidtions can be consulted here.


B) Up to 10 research grants "Regulation and deregulation of wealth"

Up to a maximum of 10 scholarships will be awarded, distributed between two categories of researchers according to their qualifications and academic experience: senior and junior. Applicants must have a doctoral degree or demonstrate equivalent merit in research and reflection on the subject matter of the call. Scholarship holders must carry out a research stay between the months of September and December 2020, having CALAS as their main headquarters at the University of Guadalajara. Within this period they may make short stays outside Guadalajara to gather information relevant to the research project in libraries and documentary collections. Interdisciplinary contributions are expected with innovative methodological and analytical approaches for the development of new research proposals on the regulation and deregulation of wealth that will allow advances in critical reflection on inequalities in Latin America.

The call to participate is already closed. Results will be communicated by May 20, 2020.