Strategic identities and crisis in Latin America. Processes and tensions

The Knowledge Laboratory "Strategic identities and crises in Latin America. Processes and tensions" thematizes the notions and interrelationships of identities and crises in Latin America from an interdisciplinary approach between social sciences, humanities and art.

The Laboratory analyzes the way in which social change is perceived ―induced by the constant crises― and how this is reflected by different social actors in various fields, from politics, economics, cultural and artistic production, the media, communication and social movements.

Consequently, the invitation of this laboratory is to reflect on how identities are constructed and reconstructed, who are the social and individual actors that participate in these processes and how they are represented or what forms these identities adopt; that is to say, its variations, ruptures and cracks are analyzed, the contortions both in the images, concepts and in the aesthetic manifestations that constantly condense and reinvent them.


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Strategic identities and crises

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