Chamada: Cátedra CALAS-IEAT

Está aberta a chamada, a ser realizada anualmente, para o Programa de Cátedras CALAS-IEAT, promovido pelo Centro Maria Sibylla Merian de Estudos Latino-americanos Avançados (CALAS) e pelo Instituto de Estudos Avançados Transdisciplinares (IEAT) da Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG). O programa é administrado pelo IEAT e patrocinado pelo CALAS. A Cátedra abarca uma estadia de três meses do pesquisador no IEAT.


Research fellowships "Studying Wealth and the Elites"

Compared to other world regions, Latin America is characterized by high levels of social inequality. Although past governments have tried to address this condition through different social policies, the highly unequal distribution of income and wealth has remained persistent. Some economic sectors such as finance, telecommunications, commerce and agro-industry are highly concentrated and dominated by a handful of corporations (grupos economicos). Similarly, and in the light of expanding agricultural frontiers, the ownership of land shows an increasingly unequal distribution.


Platform for Dialogue “(De) Regulation of Wealth in Latin America: A New Approach in Times of Pandemic”

Latin America is the most unequal region in the world and mechanisms to regulate wealth and reduce inequity continue to failure. Historically, our societies have been characterized by regressive tax systems, states captured by financial elites, capital flight, and the embezzlement of public funds. Tax revenues in Latin America depend on consumption duties and the export of raw materials. By 2015, only 1.8% of GDP was generated from income tax, compared to 8.3% in OECD countries. In some nations of the region, accumulated wealth reaches 60% of GDP.