Eje 1) Estudio conceptual de la relacionalidad entre paz y violencia

Sebastián Martínez Fernández

He holds a five-year university degree in Philosophy awarded by Universidad de Santiago de Chile, and a master's degree in Interamerican Studies awarded by Universität Bielefeld. His research project is entitled “Civilization and Barbarism as Repetition: Reception of Fascism and National Socialism in Argentina and Chile as a Crisis of the Republican Project of the 19th Century and its Intellectual, Political and Aesthetic Drifts during the 30s and 40s”.


Vittoria Borsò

Professor Emerita of Italian, French and Spanish Philology at Universität Düsseldorf. She conducts research on biopolitics, life poetics and ecological practices in Latin American cultures and literatures. Her research project in CALAS is entitled “The De/Institution of Peace and the Power of the Living: The Indetermination Zone as Relationality of Peace and Violence”.