Wilfried Raussert

Wilfried Raussert is Professor for Literature and Culture of North America and Chair of North American and Inter-American Studies at Bielefeld University. Since 2013 he has been Spokesperson of the BMBF project Entangled Americas at the CIAS, Bielefeld University. He is Director of the International Association of Inter-American Studies and General Editor of its e-journal fiar (forum for inter-american research).

Research areas:

Studies of the Black Americas,

Music and the social in the Americas,

Art practices and public space in the Americas.



Books and Edited Books:

2017. Diferentes conceptos de tiempo en diálogo: el blues, el jazz y la novela afroamericana, Guadalajara: Editorial Universidad de Guadalajara.

2017. Art Begins in Streets-Art Lives in Streets: A Selective Wallk through the Streets of Art in the Americas, Bielefeld: KIPU.

2013. Transcultural Mobility: A Celebration Through African American Cultural Production, Houston: Claiborne Press.

2017. Mobile and Entangled America(s), with M. Graham (Eds.). London, New York: Routledge.

2017. The Routledge Companion to Inter-American Studies, London, New York: Routledge.

2015. Key Tropes in Inter-American Studies: Perspectives from the forum for inter-american research (fiar), with Rozema B, Campos Y, Littschwager M (Eds), Trier; Tempe, AZ: WVT; Bilingual Press.

2015. Cruzando fronteras en América/Crossing Boundaries in the Americas/Crossing Boundaries in the Americas, with Campos García YM, Ramos Godínez M (Eds), Guadalajara: Universidad de Guadalajara.

2014. Transcultural Literacy and Mobility, with Claiborne CB (Eds), Houston, Texas: Earthborne Press.

2012. (Re)Discovering 'America'/(Re)Descubriendo 'America' - Road Movies and Other Travel Narratives in North America/ Road movie y otras narrativas de viaje en America del Norte, with Martinez-Zalce G (Eds) (2012), Trier / Tempe, AZ: WVT Trier and Bilingual Press.

2011. Cityscapes in the Americas and Beyond: Representations of Urban Complexity in Literature and Film, with Gurr J (Eds), Tempe, AZ: WVT: Trier; Tempe, AZ: Bilingual Press.

2011. Cornbread and Cuchifritos: Ethnic Identity Politics, Transnationalization, and Transculturation in American Urban Popular Music, with Habell-Pallan M (Eds), Trier; Tempe, AZ: WVT: Trier; Tempe, AZ: Bilingual Press.


CALAS Research Projekt:

Title: Art Practice in Times of Crisis: Occupying Public Space



Art, commissioned or trespassing (liminal) intervenes in urban development as part of consumer culture but also expression of grassroots urban politics creating communal and public spaces as forum for conviviencia, dialogue, participation, and resistance. Art practice in the Americas continues to break with urban convention, social norm, and spatial configuration. As an experimental realm of crossing boundaries, crisscrossing time and space, ‘collaging’ worlds anew, art practices anticipate social change, quickly respond to social crisis, expose the fluidity and ambiguity of public space and faster than official city planning envision new sites and spaces for creative and critical expression. Art has played a pivotal role and continues to exert a major impact in defining and designing public space thus intervening in debates about the public sphere. The project 'Art Practice in Times of Crisis: Occupying Public Space' explores art practices in times of crisis in different historical epochs (1920s, 1960s, contemporary period) and intends to highlight artistic ways of responding to crisis, reflecting crisis and managing crisis.


Public Exhibit: Black Matters: Urban Photography (September-October 2018) Guadalajara