Latin America in the Global Knowledge Society

In the past, Latin America has provided central impulses to discussions in the humanities and social sciences. Some of these – such as dependency theory – originated in international think tanks. Still, there are very few visible, Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) in this region, where Latin American knowledge production comes together. For this reason, the aim of CALAS is to create momentum for the establishment of a new research environment of these kind of Research Centers, and to help create the conditions for a new trans-regional and dialogue-oriented generation of researchers at top international level.

Furthermore, this transversal axis will critically reflect the conditions of knowledge production within Latin America. Debates on bilingual and intercultural education, anti-discrimination, free access to education, etc., as well as discussions on appropriate affirmative action mechanisms will be applied to the working of the Center. By broaching these issues and working on such fundamental questions, CALAS will not only trigger debates on regional knowledge societies but also provide room for discussion by organizing workshops and working groups that allow for knowledge and institutional transfer to help build further Center for Advanced Studies  in Latin America.